Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When i talk about life, it must be responsible too. life without responsibility such as we drink water with a broken glass. its useless. responsibility without sacrifice also useless. we can't get anythings happiness in our life in this world.

Talking about responsibility, all of people in this world have a responsibility. like students, children, father, mother  and others. like me, i have to be responsible as a student, friend, daughter and very important as a slaver of ALLAH. as a slaver of ALLAH, i have try to be a very good and obedient slaver. obedient in everything ALLAH's errand and interdict.

Now, i at KTD and i have responsibility at my new place. i have responsibility to study smart and try to get an excellent result in every semester, insyallah. to get an excellent result, i have to study smart and manage my time to study and do anythings work in my life. my life in KTD also demand me to responsible in continue mission of Dakwah and Tarbiyah. i have to increase myself to be a better person to Islam, insyallah.

I'm responsible too as a daughter to my dad and my mom. although now i'm separate with them, because they in Penang and i in Kelantan, but i must always prays to them and have to get a blessing because without it, i can't continue my life peacefully. ALLAH's blessing in parent's blessing. am i right? i try to give my best in my responsibility as a daughter although i know my my best is not be the best compared my sister. ( i'm a bit stubborn.. ^_^)

Life in KTD demand many sacrifice. but, that sacrifice will make me get a reward (pahala) from ALLAH if i'm sincerity in any works i do. 

Still remembered some advices from my friend. life, responsibility and sacrifice must work together. it means we cannot live alone without take a responsibility and without sacrifice, responsibility is useless. although sometimes we feel like not durable, but we have to think that ALLAH will not burden in anything works that outsider in our ability. 

In versus Al-Baqarah :286, ALLAH said, " ALLAH does not impose upon any soul of duty but to the extent of its ability; for it is (the benefit of) what it has earned and upon it (the evil of) what it has wrought."

~So, believe that we're chosen from ALLAH to live in this world with a LIFE, RESPONSIBILITY & SACRIFICE!~

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