Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When i talk about life, it must be responsible too. life without responsibility such as we drink water with a broken glass. its useless. responsibility without sacrifice also useless. we can't get anythings happiness in our life in this world.

Talking about responsibility, all of people in this world have a responsibility. like students, children, father, mother  and others. like me, i have to be responsible as a student, friend, daughter and very important as a slaver of ALLAH. as a slaver of ALLAH, i have try to be a very good and obedient slaver. obedient in everything ALLAH's errand and interdict.

Now, i at KTD and i have responsibility at my new place. i have responsibility to study smart and try to get an excellent result in every semester, insyallah. to get an excellent result, i have to study smart and manage my time to study and do anythings work in my life. my life in KTD also demand me to responsible in continue mission of Dakwah and Tarbiyah. i have to increase myself to be a better person to Islam, insyallah.

I'm responsible too as a daughter to my dad and my mom. although now i'm separate with them, because they in Penang and i in Kelantan, but i must always prays to them and have to get a blessing because without it, i can't continue my life peacefully. ALLAH's blessing in parent's blessing. am i right? i try to give my best in my responsibility as a daughter although i know my my best is not be the best compared my sister. ( i'm a bit stubborn.. ^_^)

Life in KTD demand many sacrifice. but, that sacrifice will make me get a reward (pahala) from ALLAH if i'm sincerity in any works i do. 

Still remembered some advices from my friend. life, responsibility and sacrifice must work together. it means we cannot live alone without take a responsibility and without sacrifice, responsibility is useless. although sometimes we feel like not durable, but we have to think that ALLAH will not burden in anything works that outsider in our ability. 

In versus Al-Baqarah :286, ALLAH said, " ALLAH does not impose upon any soul of duty but to the extent of its ability; for it is (the benefit of) what it has earned and upon it (the evil of) what it has wrought."

~So, believe that we're chosen from ALLAH to live in this world with a LIFE, RESPONSIBILITY & SACRIFICE!~

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today is a my friend wedding day, between NUR SARAH & MUHAMAD TAUFIQ.. congratulations sarah & her husband, Taufiq. i prays to ALLAH may ALLAH bless your marriage and happy forever, insyallah. (^_^)

Talking about married.. why people get married? actually, who doesn't want to get married? to have the beloved one who always close to us, having cute babies that we will nurture them to be a good person? like me, i also want to get married. although i don't know when i can get married. (huhu~)

For me, married is not like we TRY AND ERROR. here, i take some ideas the reason why people get married. 

FIRST, we get married because it is a human requirement. it is a human nature that we can't deny. we need to love others and the same time, we need also somebody to love us. also, marriage is the way that ALLAH has bestowed upon us for us to full fill our sexual requirement. our partner is halal (legal) for us. 

SECONDLY, we get married for the purposes of continuation the human being. once you get married, you will plan to have children. then, when your children get married, they also will plan for having children. so that, the human race will not perish from the planet's earth.

THIRDLY, we get married as it is the process towards good civilization. if we trace back the history of any civilization, you will see and understand that the core of civilization of the society. and the core of society is islam. so, by have the marriage, having a husband, wife, children and nurture them to be a good person, it means we built a good family and human resources that will benefit the ummah. 

Thats some ideas that i'm very agree with it. still remembered what's my lovely umi said about married. "when we want to get married, be prepared of your soul. it is very important things that we have to think of it. married not just for one day, one months and one year, but we want to be forever. 

Actually, i'm still young (^_~) to talking about married. but, i think it is not wrong. am i right? i want to get prepared and hope may ALLAH bless my mission to built a married in ALLAH'S love, insyallah.


~Married is not only fun, but it must be responsible too~


Yesterday, i was so sad. very sad. before i slept, i cried. cried? yes. i was inability to stop my tears. tried to stop, but i can't. lastly my tears dropped fastly in my cheek. 

Why i cried? actually, so many things that i thought. ALLAH test me from variety of space such as friends, love, study, my life in college and everything. O ALLAH, thats time i was feel so sad, weak and brittle. 

But, when i think back, thats a real of life. sometimes happy sometimes sad. not everything that's beautiful, happy and easy will be we go through in this world. when we become adult, many anticipation will we get and have to face it. but with an experience, it will make me strong, courageous and be more matured to face the day that coming soon, insyallah.  i must trust myself and believe that i'm STRONG!

IMAN, if you want to cry, go on. at least, the problem that i have not really encumber me. the cry can make me feel calm after that. crying not mean i'm weak, but sometimes give me a spirit for me to still go on in my life. 

Prays to ALLAH because ALLAH have give me an anticipation and HE will facilitate for me to face that anticipation too. 

~Have faith in ALLAH! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~I'm sorry, I'm not perfect~

To all my friends (KUIS) in semester 2 that i love. SABIHA, K.VIA, FIZA, MUCIE, FARAH, ADAH, TASYA, MIRA, CT, FAFAU, SALIMAH, DOLCE, YATI, SYU, K.TINI, NABILAH, FATIN, K.SHA, ANIQAH, FATIN HUSNA, & SYAHIDA  i'm very glad because ALLAH sent me a good friends like all of you. thanks a lot because always treated my behaviour and always accompany me during good and difficult times. (^_~)

Many matters that we have crossed together, from semester one until now, all it still in my memory. we study together, eat together, rushing to laugh with and sleep also with. still remember last night, when i, sabiha, fatin husna and k.via sleep once on two beds that join and squeeze. when rise and shine, respectively with own action, very2 humour. (",)

whatever that we have occurred, is happening and will happening, i want all my friends know, that i'm still love you. although sometimes i with my way, there may be that my sense already not like before, more keeping silent or already not close with anyone who have i close once. not my wish want keep away, but i have my own problems and please, give me time to assess myself nicely. 

i very hopeful so that our friendship remain to bring us to heaven, Insyallah. i'm sorry if many offence that had been i doing during our friendship. 



~may ALLAH bless our friendship~ 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Don't just be a Muslim, be a TRUE MUSLIM~

I was born in a family that practice Islam in every daily life, Insyallah. ^_^  I was taught about how to be a real Muslim and a slaver of ALLAH'S to get ALLAH'S blessing and love in every aspect in my life.

when we (kakak, abang, me and younger brother) at home, we will have "halaqah" with my parents. I'm still remember the Holy Quran said in Versus Al-Ra'd :11, which is ayah's favourite. meaning of Versus Al-Ra'd :
" Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)." Ayah always remind me and my siblings to always check what have we do in everyday.

while umi's favourite is Versus Al-Tahrim :6 meaning : " O ye who believe! save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who flinch not (from executing) the commands they receive from God, but do (precisely) what they are commanded. Umi, thanks for your important advice. (^_~)

so that, i'm always try to be A TRUE MUSLIM! ~listen and practice what i have learned~

~to all of you that i love, please pray for me~

Monday, December 27, 2010

May ALLAH bring us tOgether in HEAVEN!

for all of you that i love.. especially for my family.. my beloved father, lovely umi, my caring sister, handsome brother and my talkative younger brother.. (^_~) i'm really love all of you.. during i staying at KTD, missing feelings to my family very strong.. such as wind which is blowing strongly. i'm miss some advice from ayah.. that make me try to be a better person.. a love from umi.. that always make me happy and feel so comfortable.. my sister.. that always accompany me when i have some problems.. share a happy, sad, bad and many of stories we shared together.. em.. my brother. I'm miss that time when you cooked fried rice to me although you said that u are not good in cooking.. haha. thanks! my little brother fahmi.. u are very nice to me although sometimes i always bully you.. i'm sorry.. i can't be a very good sister to you compared than kakak..

Emm... anyway, i always hope that a love that we shared together may get ALLAH'S blessing and may ALLAH bring us together in HEAVEN! 

~thats a prayer that i'm always do!

~my beloved ayah & lovely umi~

~the eldest, kakak~

~my handsome brother~

~me and sister~

~my younger brother, fahmi~

Saturday, December 25, 2010

~ The Beginning ~

Peace, Respect & Love to all of you..First of all, praise to ALLAH, finally I get the chance to have my first writing in this blog. Actually, i'm not too sure what i'm going to write right now.Hmmm, actually right now, i'm at my sweet home and i'll go back to Kelantan tonight  by bus.

I feel happy to spend my short holiday with my beloved family. Actually, last friday i went out to the Carnival Mall which is located at Seberang Jaya with my sister and my younger brother. Ayah sent us to the mall and we went back by Rapid Bus..such a wonderful experience I ever had (^_^)

When we reached the mall, my sister which I call 'kakak' asked us to accompany her to buy a set of wallet and belt as it is to make it as a 'hantaran' for her wedding which is going to be next year. Congrates kakak,huhu~

Hmmm, talking about my sister,I feel happy because she is going to get married, but at the same time I can't deny that I'm also feel sad. Why I have to feel sad? Actually, I only have one sister. We share every single thing and I never keep secret with her. When I''m sad I will call her even now we are separated by the hundred miles. I'm at Kelantan while my sister is studying at UPSI, Tg. Malim, Perak.

Ok, continue to the story  that we were at the mall. After accompanied kakak bought a set of wallet and belt for her future husband, kakak bought such a beautiful bag for me. Thanks a lot kakak. Then, we step in at Popular Bookstore to buy several revision and exercise books for my younger brother which I call him, Fahmi. He will sitting for a PMR next year. Best of luck to my younger brother. After that, we went to have our tea time at KFC.. Hmmm, so delicious ^_^

I think that's all for the time being..This is all about 'The Beginning'. Hopefully, I hope all of you will enjoy reading my first writing. May ALLAH bless us and keep us consistent in searching Allah's love and mercy.
See all of you in my next writing..InsyaAllah

I and my younger brother~ at KFC.. nyummy2..

IMAN and Overseas~