Monday, December 27, 2010

May ALLAH bring us tOgether in HEAVEN!

for all of you that i love.. especially for my family.. my beloved father, lovely umi, my caring sister, handsome brother and my talkative younger brother.. (^_~) i'm really love all of you.. during i staying at KTD, missing feelings to my family very strong.. such as wind which is blowing strongly. i'm miss some advice from ayah.. that make me try to be a better person.. a love from umi.. that always make me happy and feel so comfortable.. my sister.. that always accompany me when i have some problems.. share a happy, sad, bad and many of stories we shared together.. em.. my brother. I'm miss that time when you cooked fried rice to me although you said that u are not good in cooking.. haha. thanks! my little brother fahmi.. u are very nice to me although sometimes i always bully you.. i'm sorry.. i can't be a very good sister to you compared than kakak..

Emm... anyway, i always hope that a love that we shared together may get ALLAH'S blessing and may ALLAH bring us together in HEAVEN! 

~thats a prayer that i'm always do!

~my beloved ayah & lovely umi~

~the eldest, kakak~

~my handsome brother~

~me and sister~

~my younger brother, fahmi~

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